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K-3 Spouse Visa

K-3 Spouse Visa – A Brief Overview

What Is a K-3 spouse visa? The K-3 spouse visa is a means for the foreign-national spouse of a United States (U.S.) citizen to travel to the United States while the I-130 spouse petition is pending. The K-3 visa category is intended to shorten the physical separation between the foreign-national spouse and the U.S. citizen spouse by allowing the foreign national spouse to obtain a nonimmigrant K-3 visa overseas and enter the United States to await approval of the immigrant spouse visa petition. K-3 spouse visa recipients must then apply to adjust status to lawful permanent residence (LPR) with the USCIS upon approval of the spouse petition. Because the foreign national spouse of a U.S. citizen applying for a K-3 spouse visa must be the beneficiary of an immigrant spouse visa petition filed on his or her behalf by his or her U.S. citizen spouse and pending approval, the K-3 spouse must also meet many of the requirements of the immigrant spouse visa.

Eligible children of K-3 spouse visa applicants will receive K-4 visas. Both K-3 and the K-4 visas allow the recipient to remain in the U.S. while the immigrant visa petition is pending approval with the USCIS.

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